Friday, March 11, 2011

Lost & Foundish: "Love You Too" 2009 Compositing Test

If you knew me or followed this blog over the course of 2009, you'd know that I was very heavily involved with a follow-up video to my 2007 "All Over Again" video for the band Locksley.  There were costumes, a big handmade diorama with a marble river, two days of shooting... and so much more that I can't list in detail here.
Despite all the fun & hard work, an ending to the video was never officially decided upon by the band and has been on permanent hiatus since.  I'd like to thank everyone who donated their time (Pastor, Genn, Karen, et al.) and efforts to this project, I know there were a lot of favors done for it & nothing more to show at this time than the clip below.  It's a compositing test I did shortly after we shot the footage.

There were elements that we shot that we were going to add in later: cardboard butterflies, spinning flowers, etc...  if I ever get two weeks off and don't have access to videogames and have no other projects going on, maybe it will see the light of day yet.  Just don't hold your breath.   

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