Thursday, February 17, 2011

Lost & Foundish: Concept Work for The Morning Benders

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I did this concept frame back in 2008 around the time I finished up the 88-Keys video for a group called The Morning Benders.  I was introduced to them via 88-Keys, who was a big fan and wanted us to work together.  Long story short -- I got the track, we passed a few emails back and forth,  I came up with a few pitch ideas and they never got back to me.  Ah well.  There are more frames and such I'd like to share but I think they could be used again in the future so I'll hold off for the time being.

They ended up getting pretty popular last year with their single Excuses.  Incidentally when I was writing this blog and looking at their site, I saw the video they decided to go with instead of my treatment.  Here it is!

The Morning Benders - "All Day Day Light" from Jack Ferry on Vimeo.

If only I had thought to dress them all aggressively hipster and then splash ugly randomly-colored text over the footage!  DAMMIT.  Real stupid, Mark!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Rebranding on the Way...

Lately I've been thinking about replacing my old Marked Animation logo with something a bit fresher.  Y'know... something that's not just the font of Century New Gothic with a bit of red lettering that I scribbled in the middle.  The truth is I didn't really like the original logo but thought it was a good placeholder until I came up with something new after I initially set-up & built the website in 2005.  Hopefully by the time spring hits I'll have completely revamped the site -- probably through the web publisher Cargo (my friend Mark Theriault has a nice one set up) but will still maintain this blog regularly.  I have so much more going on than when I left college that I can't keep my site 'up with the timez' anymore & considering I just updated it with "© 2011 MARK PHILLIPS" for the first time since '09, you can see my predicament.

I've never been much of a logosmith, but I like it.  Thoughts?



Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Concept Work: The Tree of Analogy™

I did this concept art for an agency back in October of 2010.  It had something to do with the business/client relationship but I'm not sure about what company it was for or what the final product ended up looking like.  I wanted to see it through production but unfortunately I was in the midst of too many other projects.  There's never enough hours in the day.

Incidentally, if anyone sees where this ended up send me a link!