Monday, March 28, 2011

The Adventures of Prince Achmed

This is considered to be the oldest feature-length animated movie to still be in existence today and it's available RIGHT NOW on Netflix streaming.  I watched it last Friday night and was completely blown away by the craft that went into creating each frame of this film.  Even the story is engaging and each character has a sense of purpose; not just to be seen & never heard from again.  Just because it's from 1926 doesn't mean it lacks sophistication, and while the animation itself may be a bit rough I can't help but wonder how it looked back when it was initially released.  I can't recommend it enough to someone who loves the art of animation.

From Wikipedia: 
The Adventures of Prince Achmed (GermanDie Abenteuer des Prinzen Achmed) is a 1926 German animated fairytale film by Lotte Reiniger. It is the oldest surviving animated feature film; two earlier ones were made in Argentina by Quirino Cristiani, but they are considered lost.[1] The Adventures of Prince Achmed features a silhouette animation technique Reiniger had invented which involved manipulated cutouts made from cardboard and thin sheets of lead under a camera. The technique she used for the camera is similar to Wayang shadow puppets, though hers were animated frame by frame, not manipulated in live action. The original prints featured color tinting.

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