Friday, March 18, 2011

Bounty: The Raw Footage Part I

Here is what the animation looked like for the Bounty project before any visual effects were applied to the footage.  Today I'm posting mostly shots involving the scientists driving in their car.  To give you some idea of the rig we built quick for it, here are some pictures:

... and now onto the videos:

This was the first stuff we shot of the scientists in the car.  The funny thing is we both wore white that day and it wasn't until a few seconds into the animation that we realized it was affecting the lighting.

Lesson Learned: Your personal wardrobe can affect post-production in stop motion.

This shot was pretty basic.  Just some singin' and PT pullin'.

This was a fun shot because we got to finally try out the rig we built for the car.  The script called for the car flying through the air & the storyboards I had drawn up called for spinning cameras and such, so we needed something that would be flexible but would also offer precision.  Also, fist bumps.

This shot was fun because not only did we have to animate the characters, we had to have the car tilting lengthwise as well as do a 180-degree spin mid-shot.

I had a lot of fun with this shot. The tiger rig wasn't super flexible to work with but I think I got some good action out of it.

... and if you're wondering, that's an MMA fighter coming out of his mouth.

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