Friday, January 7, 2011

Sid Seed, Everybody!

What I really do enjoy about working at Lifelong Friendship Society is that it gives me the opportunity to meet and work with some very talented animators and designers from all over the place.  Sid Seed is a fellow animator on staff that we hired on from Brazil last year and he does amazing work.  Seriously, the guy isn't even old enough to legally have a drink yet and he's cranking out music videos like this, starring himself and his yo-yo.

I'm not kidding about that yo-yo.  Sid has some SERIOUS talent.  The man is internationally ranked in the art of the yo-yo.  Just to show you that I'm not hyping the lad up, here's a great video of Sid working his magic out by the East River at dusk (shot & edited by the equally talented, if not in yo-yo's, Pastor Alvarado)

Watch out.  Sid's comin' through and he's going to be BIG.

Sid, Mark ...  and Bridgette.

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