Friday, January 7, 2011

Armature & Prop Designs for Bounty

These are the original designs I did for the Bounty spot I posted a few weeks back.  Designing the characters wasn't anything new since I've had to make character sheets for animation in years past, but the car was definitely a little trickier since I'm not much of a 'technical' guy.  Maybe I shouldn't say trickier, but technical drawings to me are boring to work on.  There.  I said it.  Wait no... maybe I shouldn't say boring. How about, "not as fun"?

... sadly the Chilean Miner never made it into the final piece.

Props to Erika Bettencourt who did a fantastic job of making all of the armatures and being the personification of glue that held the project together.

You may have noticed that the chinchilla was Shake Weight®-less in the final version.

Props to Craig Grigg who blew our minds with making the car look better than I modeled it.  The man is a living legend when it comes to props, folks.

More behind-the-scenes to come!

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