Thursday, September 9, 2010

From the Sketchbook P.4

Here are a few images I sketched up while on break last week...

This could double as a self-portrait for me when I've been working too much.  I think I might take this design and flesh it out a bit more later on down the road.

This is actually a bit older & unfinished (even by my standards!) but when some friends were looking through my sketchbook they seemed to enjoy it.  They said it looked like a weird cross-section of a dude's face.  It's something I may explore later as well...

On my flight to the Twin Cities there was a woman who didn't sit down for 90% of the trip.  She kept doing leg exercises and pacing up and down the aisle and it was pretty awkward.  She reminded me of an older strung-out hippy with an eating disorder and I can only assume that she owned three cats minimum.  When the pilot would come on over the loudspeaker she'd stop and strike the pose above.

Here I tried to illustrate a friend's facial expression... I think it's a little too stiff though, I gotta work on that!

I thought I'd revisit the naked-man-animal theme I got into towards the tail-end of college.  I think a hamster is a good way to go but I don't think he's exaggerated enough.  I'll do additional drawings down the road and maybe get something colored soon.

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