Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Rebranding on the Way...

Lately I've been thinking about replacing my old Marked Animation logo with something a bit fresher.  Y'know... something that's not just the font of Century New Gothic with a bit of red lettering that I scribbled in the middle.  The truth is I didn't really like the original logo but thought it was a good placeholder until I came up with something new after I initially set-up & built the website in 2005.  Hopefully by the time spring hits I'll have completely revamped the site -- probably through the web publisher Cargo (my friend Mark Theriault has a nice one set up) but will still maintain this blog regularly.  I have so much more going on than when I left college that I can't keep my site 'up with the timez' anymore & considering I just updated it with "© 2011 MARK PHILLIPS" for the first time since '09, you can see my predicament.

I've never been much of a logosmith, but I like it.  Thoughts?



1 comment:

Wayne said...

I like it only if it's animated with silly sound effects. Those are my terms.