Monday, April 26, 2010

Monday Love

"You can find better stories in books and movies. Better illustrations in magazines and on book covers, richer characters in Dickens and in classic sitcoms. Where else can you get get magic moving eye candy but in animated cartoons when they are in top form? - and why do so few places and people want to give it to you?"

-- John Kricfalusi

I was watching Mickey and the Beanstalk last week for some visual reference for a project and loved this scene with Donald flipping his sh*t due to starvation. Check out this pose. Personally I think they could've taken it a bit more extreme but then it might've started looking a little too Warner Brothersy. I do love those fingers!

Also for a sidenote, sometime between now and this Saturday I have to migrate this blog to another URL due to Google severing support for blogger-based blogs hosted on other servers. If it goes down, just visit and you will kindly find direction there.

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