Tuesday, May 26, 2009

More Works in the Works

What up folks! With Memorial Day officially behind us, it's time to post a few updates of the latest Brooklynz Goings Ons™. Outside of work I've been keeping pretty reasonably busy on the upcoming Locksley music video and assisting my new friend Josh Winkler on his video for The Features. I'm pretty excited to be working on both.
Below are some photos from the Locksley production, without giving too much away at the moment I can say that it does involve a lot of physical construction, something that I've always wanted to do a bit more of. Drills and powertools feel a lot more manlier than mice and Wacom® tablets.

Sam Bair and Charlie Sato

Mark Phillips

Sam Bair takes 5 minutes and 20 fl. oz.

As for The Features, I haven't begun the animation process as of yet but I do have a bit of concept art that I'll be relying on for the final product... here's a sneak peak!

More updates to come soon!


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