Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Brooklynati's Finest: Tanya Morgan

Last year I caught wind of the group Tanya Morgan while listening to 88-Keys' mixtape, Adam's Case Files. Since I had just moved to Brooklyn earlier in the year I wasn't familiar with their local popularity but I enjoyed their sound. Shortly after completing the music video for 88-Keys some months later, Von Pea (one of the three gents who make up the group... no, there is no woman named "Tanya Morgan") hit me up on Youtube to get things rolling on the possibility of collaborating on a music video of our own. Unfortunately due to scheduling I wasn't able to work with them but I hope that soon enough we can be more than just Myspace friends!
If you're looking for some solid new hip-hop music, their latest album Brooklynati dropped today on Amazon and iTunes.

Get it! Got it? Good.

Also check out an article about the guys on okayplayer and listen to their new album for FREE on Myspace.com

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