Wednesday, November 21, 2012

VH1's 100 Sexiest Artists!

... mmm-MMMM!  Just in time for Thanksgiving we as a people can finally come together to celebrate not just the gifted or "talented" artists, but the 100 SEXIEST ARTISTS.  Check out the short animation above (credits) that I worked on & for more of Malika Favre's excellent work go here!  I haven't seen the show on TV but I can make a few guesses as to who they may have picked for their top 100:

1.  Shirtless Picasso ... obviously.

2.  Ann Romney

3.  Billy Zane as The Phantom

4.  James Quall 

5.  Courtney Stodden

6.  Mama Berenstain Bear

7.  Young Tim Meadows

8.  Robocop Action Figure w/ Battle Damage

9 - 100.  Grace Kelly, because my goodness!

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