Wednesday, September 12, 2012

TED-Ed: The Powers of Ten

I'm a bit busy at the moment to write too much more about it at this time, but check out TED-Ed and my website for more information!  Unfortunately at the moment the great sound people over at Henry Boy went uncredited, but that should be amended shortly.

Stay tuned for more!


Nick Singh said...

Hi Mark,

I just saw your ted video, great work! How long did it take you to create a video like that and which program do you use? Keep it up!

Mark Phillips said...

Thanks Nick!

The video took about 5 weeks... 1 for ideas & concepting, 1 for storyboarding, 1 for design, 1 for animation, and 1 for sound design & addressing final tweaks. Programs used were Adobe Illustrator & After Effects.