Sunday, July 31, 2011

"Second Hand" by Isaac King

I'm on another busy hiatus but hopefully things will be cooling down soon.  Thanks to the power of technology I can blog from the comfort of my own laptop inside of a van crossing Indiana (thanks for the ride, Locksley!) and finally get some time to catch up.
I love the art direction of the video above, it's such a great combination of mixing digital mediums that you don't see enough of really.  I love the way he handled the translation of the character designs into the quasi-3D environment; very well done!
Until I get back to NYC, I thought I'd post a few links to a few [more] things I've enjoyed via the internet lately:

Kanye West & Jay-Z "Otis" (WatchTheThrone.com
DoomStarks "Victory Laps" (2dopeboyz
Nikki Jean "La Di Da Di Da" (iTunes)
Rock Creek Park EP oddisee (iTunes)
Ghostfunk EP Max Tannone x Ghostface Killah (okayplayer

John K's Evolution of Macaroni (John K Stuff):
Beavis & Butthead Return (MTV):
Boob Physics (Babe Lab NSFW):

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