Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Casualties of Animation: Where'd My Files Go?

Earlier this week I discovered that my personal work drive at the office had been mistakenly wiped by a freelancer.  Everything from the 88-Keys music video to the recent work I've done with Locksley to everything else that I've photoshopped/animated/recorded/etc in past two and a half years was gone in mere seconds .... or was it?

Kind of.

I ran disc recovery software and it recovered quite a bit of information, actually.  People told me I was lucky to get the data back... but I think that's only about half-true at most.  While I did recover about 234 gigabytes of data; what were once neatly organized files, folders and sub-folders are all now proprietarily named and mish-mashed together.

And there are 1.4 million of them.

Anyone want to be my intern for a few months to sort this all out?  Eh?

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