Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Kid Sister "Daydreaming" Music Video

This is a video I worked on through LFS. We only had a couple of weeks from start to finish and I think the concept was simple and well-executed; props to the director Kim Gehrig for an overall smooth production (something that seems to be rarer and rarer with each passing project)!
Unfortunately my life outside of blogging (a.k.a. "life") has been a bit hectic in the last month due to putting some long hours in at the office, freelancing and the release of God of War 3 but hopefully I should be able to get back to posting more on here soon. I've been doing a lot more drawing as of late so there should be plenty to show from that bag o' tricks in the coming weeks. Until then, check out this work-in-progress that I've been doodlin' up on Adobe Illustrator:
There's a lot more detail to it! I'll post a much higher-res when I'm finished with it.

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Monte said...

kid sister was supposed to be a babysitter for my friends kid a while back. actually a few years ago.