Friday, January 15, 2010

New Feature: Lost and Foundish

Over the years I've started to accumulate more doodles and old work on various hard drives than I'd care to admit. Whether they be the product of an inside joke, boredom, or a personal project that never quite got off the ground, I'm finally granting them the proper neglect they deserve in an online forum. Each week I'll post a different image or video or audio clip and you can see for yourself just how much time I've had on my hands over the last few years.
This week I'm posting something that I drew way way waaay back in 2006 for a post-house I was working for at the time, the now-dead Outsider Inc. in Chicago, IL. They requested a new cover for their notebook of local restaurant menus so I started this drawing. Shortly after I ended up leaving the company and never got a chance to finish it, but here it is in its last known state:
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