Friday, January 23, 2009

Montana State University What UP.

The Catalyst from NINU EYE + CO. on Vimeo.

This was posted on Motionographer's student section earlier this month and I felt the need to repost on this blog. Being a native of Montana myself (and a one-eighth native of Montana Native-American) I can honestly say I haven't noticed a lot of notable design work coming out of that state. I'm NOT hating but the Big Sky country ain't exactly known for its animatery. I thought this piece was really nice though, even if I'm super biased on the matter.
The original post from Motionographer reads as follows:

"Okay, so this promotional video for the Montana State University School of Art doesn’t fit the normal schema of Students posts, but I think it belongs here anyway.

It was directed by Zachary McIntosh, who once studied graphic design at MSU but then left at the age of 21 to work full-time. Now, a few years later, he’s slowly earning his remaining credits to get his degree. It’s a cool story, the kind that I find inspiring."


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